3 Noteworthy Back of Business Cards Ideas

Leaving the back of your business cards empty is similar to being awarded advertising space on two billboards on a central highway and using only one because, well, you could fit all your information on there.


And using the back of your business cards simply to repeat your logo from the front of the card with no particular reasoning or strategy may be even worse. Because that’s the same as using your prime advertising real estate on the highway to repeat the same ad side by side, rather than creatively and strategically utilizing the entirety of the available space.

Beyond Business Card Info: What Impression Are You Making?

When prospects get your card, read it, and turn it over—as it’s human nature to explore what we hold in our hands—what sort of messages are they receiving about your business and your brand beyond your standard business card information? If there’s nothing stunning or intriguing about the design of your card, then “boring,” “repetitive,” “bland” “same ol’ same ol’” are just a few of the characteristics they may be associating with your business.

1. Choose Meaningful Business Card Backgrounds

I’m sure you’ve seen business cards that use colorful backgrounds, but how many of those backgrounds actually added something to the information on the card? And how many do you remember in particular? Probably not many, if any at all.

2. Showcase Your Skills

Another good way to use the back of business cards is by showcasing your skills. Instead of choosing a background that reflects your industry, you could use that space to display your work.

This business card background idea can work particularly well for professionals in the visual arts, such as photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators. But it can also work for other industries from architects to decorators, hairdressers, clothing or jewelry designers, chefs, and many others

3. Show a Video

You can add video to a business card? Well, maybe not yet, though I’m sure that in a few years video-playing business cards will be as common as color-printed business cards are today. For now, the way to add video to the back of your business card is through a link or a QR code.

Why would you want to add video to your business cards? Not just because it looks cool. Your decision should have more strategic thinking behind it than that.